Excellence Award


2024 AWPMA Excellence Award judging is complete.

Our winner will be announced at the Pesticon Gala Dinner to be held on Friday, 16th August!

About the AWPMA Excellence Award

Australian Women in Pest Management Association (AWPMA) (formerly PWAPM Ltd) established the Excellence Award in 2019 to celebrate and acknowledge the remarkable achievements of women in the pest management industry.

This prestigious award recognises those who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, innovation, and commitment to advancing the industry. By highlighting these trailblazing women, AWPMA seeks to inspire future generations and promote greater gender diversity and inclusion within the pest management sector.

2024 is a significant year for the AWMPA Excellence Award as it’s our first time facilitating the award following our merger with AEPMA. This marks the beginning of a new era with enhanced recognition and representation from our national association.


  • Recognise Outstanding Contributions: This award honours women who have significantly contributed to the pest management industry through leadership, innovation, and dedication.
  • Promote Gender Diversity: To encourage and support the growth and development of women within the industry, fostering a more inclusive and diverse workforce.
  • Inspire Future Leaders: To provide role models for aspiring women in pest management, motivating them to pursue and excel in their careers.
  • Enhance Industry Standards: To highlight best practices and innovative approaches that contribute to the advancement of the pest management industry.


  • Professional Recognition: Award recipients will gain recognition within the industry, enhancing their professional profiles and opening further career opportunities.
  • Networking Opportunities: Winners can connect with other industry leaders, fostering valuable relationships and collaborations.
  • Inspiration for Others: The achievements of award recipients will inspire other women in the industry, encouraging them to strive for excellence and leadership roles.
  • Industry Advancement: By showcasing the contributions of outstanding women, the award elevates the standards and practices within the pest management industry, benefiting the entire sector.

Judging Criteria

  • Leadership: Demonstrated outstanding leadership skills and a significant impact within their organisation or the industry at large.
  • Innovation: Introduced innovative practices, technologies, or methodologies that have advanced the pest management industry.
  • Mentorship and Support: Actively mentored and supported the growth and development of other women in the industry, contributing to a more inclusive and supportive environment.
  • Professional Achievements: Significant accomplishments in their career, including successful projects, awards, and recognitions.
  • Commitment to Excellence: A consistent track record of striving for excellence and contributing positively to the industry through ethical practices and professional integrity.

Prizes and Presentation

The best entry, as determined by the judges, will be deemed the prize winner. One woman will receive a Cash Prize worth $1000.00. The winner will be announced at the AEPMA Pesticon Gala Dinner at The Star Gold Coast.

The Gala Dinner is a prestigious event that brings together industry leaders, professionals, and stakeholders to celebrate excellence and innovation in pest management. The award presentation at this gala not only honours the individual achievements of the winner but also highlights the importance of supporting and recognising the contributions of women in the industry.

The AWPMA Excellence Award is a testament to women’s dedication, hard work, and passion in the pest management industry. By recognising these exemplary individuals, AWPMA continues to foster a culture of excellence, diversity, and innovation within the sector.

Thank you to BASF for their continual support and sponsorship of the  AWPMA Excellence Award. 

Previous Excellence Award Recipients

2023 Excellence Award Winner

Delia Sanig - IDeBug Pest Control

Delia Sanig: Championing Safety and Support in Pest Control as the 2023 AWPMA Excellence Award Winner

Delia Sanig, the visionary behind IDeBug Pest Control and the winner of the 2023 Excellence Award, is a figure of resilience and innovation in the pest control industry.

Her journey began six years ago, motivated by personal experiences that shaped her mission to create a safer, more accommodating service environment, especially for women.

A Journey Inspired by Personal Experience

After facing challenges as a single mother and survivor of domestic violence, Delia’s discomfort with having male tradesmen in her home sparked a profound business idea. With a rich background in nursing and teaching and support from her partner, Delia founded IDeBug Pest Control. Her company is distinguished by its commitment to providing a non-judgmental, female-friendly pest control service, addressing a significant market need that often goes unrecognised.

Empowering the Community Through Service

Delia’s impact on the community extends beyond routine pest control services. She focuses on aiding those who are often the most vulnerable—women affected by domestic violence, the elderly, and the disabled—offering free services to those in particularly dire situations. This empathetic approach not only sets her business apart but also builds deep, meaningful connections within the community.

Recognition of Dedication and Impact

The AWPMA Excellence Award marked Delia’s first major win, a significant validation of her dedication and innovative contributions to the industry. Having been a finalist in other awards, this recognition underscored her unique approach and commitment to making pest control a safer, more accessible service for everyone.

Addressing Industry Challenges and Stereotypes

Despite the ongoing stereotypes and occasional underestimation by male counterparts and clients, Delia remains a staunch advocate for women in pest control. She believes that the increasing presence of women in the industry will gradually shift perceptions, showcasing their capabilities and dedication.

A Unique Business Philosophy

Delia’s business thrives on word-of-mouth referrals, emphasising high-quality service and personal connections rather than relying on digital marketing strategies. Her approach highlights the importance of trust and relationship-building, proving that traditional advertising isn’t always necessary for business success.

Celebrating Excellence

Delia prioritises environmentally friendly methods in her practice, from employing physical barriers to educating clients on preventive measures. Her focus on minimising chemical use protects her clients’ health and contributes to ecological conservation.

Encouragement for Future Generations

Delia encourages young women entering the pest control industry to persevere and push through societal barriers. She is optimistic about women’s role in evolving the industry, bringing unique perspectives crucial for innovation and growth.

A Beacon of Inspiration

Delia Sanig’s journey is more than just a business success story; it’s a narrative of overcoming personal adversity and channelling those experiences into a professional vision that challenges norms and makes a tangible difference. Her leadership in pest control goes beyond eliminating pests—it’s about fostering safety, support, and sustainability. Delia’s story is a powerful testament to how personal challenges can transform into opportunities to lead, inspire, and innovate in an industry ripe for change.

Asita Devi Deo - Fastkil Pest Control

Asita Devi Deo: Pioneering Leadership in Pest Control as the 2022 AWPMA Excellence Award Winner

The Australian Women in Pest Management Association (AWPMA) is proud to celebrate Asita Devi Deo, the 2022 Excellence Award winner.

As the director of Fastkil Pest Control Services Pty Ltd, Asita has not only elevated her company to new heights but has also played a pivotal role in advancing the pest control industry in Fiji.

A Trailblazer in the Industry

Under Asita’s leadership, Fastkil Pest Control Services became the first company in Fiji to achieve both HACCP and ISO accreditation from Australia. These milestones are a testament to her commitment to excellence, her visionary leadership, and her ability to inspire her team toward achieving great heights.

Fostering Education and Development

Recognising the importance of continuous professional development, Asita collaborated with a local university to develop a comprehensive training plan for pest control companies. This initiative ensures that staff across the industry are well-equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their roles, enhancing overall industry standards.

Visionary and Family-Oriented Leadership

Asita views Fastkil not just as a business but as a family. Her leadership style is inclusive and inspiring, encouraging her team to think long-term—”100 years from now”—which fosters a sense of continuity and long-term planning that is rare in today’s business environments. Her approach ensures that Fastkil operates not just for immediate gains but with a vision for enduring success.

Community Involvement and Advocacy

Beyond her professional achievements, Asita is deeply involved in community service, particularly in initiatives aimed at empowering women. Her participation in women in business groups, the ministry of youth, and the ministry of women highlights her commitment to societal development. Through these roles, she seeks to inspire and uplift other women, advocating for greater involvement and recognition of women in all sectors of society.

An Inspiring Figure

Asita’s numerous accolades—over 14 awards for her contributions to business and the pest control industry—reflect her impact and the respect she commands within the professional community. Her dedication to her company, industry, and community makes her a true inspiration and a role model for leaders everywhere.

Celebrating Excellence

Asita Devi Deo embodies the spirit of the AWPMA Excellence Award through her innovative leadership, commitment to quality, community involvement, and role in promoting gender diversity. Her story is a powerful reminder of how visionary leadership can not only transform a business but also make significant contributions to industry standards and community development. Congratulations to Asita, a deserving winner and a beacon of excellence in the pest management industry.

Kuyan Rider - Conquer Termites Northside

Kuyan Rider: Championing Innovation and Team Spirit as the 2021 AWPMA Excellence Award Winner

Kuyan Rider, the esteemed General Manager at Conquer Termites Northside, captured the spotlight as the 2021 winner of the AWPMA Excellence Award.

With a robust 12-year tenure in the pest control industry and a reputation for innovation and leadership, Kuyan’s journey is a testament to her dedication and visionary approach to pest management.

A Record of Consistent Excellence

Kuyan’s prowess in the industry is not newly recognised; she was a finalist for the Excellence Award for three consecutive years, underscoring her consistent performance and commitment to the field. Her role as General Manager has been marked by significant achievements, not least of which includes securing and managing major contracts that have propelled her company to new heights.

Innovative Solutions for Complex Challenges

One of Kuyan’s standout career achievements was securing the Brisbane Market contracts for rodent maintenance and electricity meter reading. Facing the logistical challenges these contracts presented, Kuyan spearheaded the development of an innovative app designed to streamline processes and ensure ease of operation. This solution not only optimised the workflow but also showcased her ability to leverage technology for enhanced efficiency.

Building a Thriving Team

Under Kuyan’s leadership, Conquer Termites Northside has seen remarkable growth, expanding from a team of three to thirteen. Over nine years, she has nurtured her team’s development, significantly scaling the company’s capacity and reach. Kuyan is passionately dedicated to her role as the team’s “Happiness Manager,” a title that reflects her commitment to fostering a supportive and balanced workplace. Her leadership style emphasises well-being and professional fulfilment, creating a family-like atmosphere where each member feels valued and motivated.

Fostering Work-Life Harmony

Kuyan believes that a key component of effective management is ensuring a great work-life balance for her team. By prioritising this balance, she has cultivated a workplace culture that promotes happiness and satisfaction, which in turn drives productivity and loyalty. Her approach highlights the importance of emotional and professional support, making Conquer Termites Northside not just a place to work but a place to thrive.

A Role Model for Future Generations

As the 2021 AWPMA Excellence Award winner, Kuyan Rider exemplifies the qualities of a leader who not only advances her business but also profoundly impacts her team and the industry at large. Her achievements demonstrate the power of innovative thinking, the importance of nurturing talent, and the impact of empathetic leadership.

Kuyan’s legacy is one of inspiring change and promoting gender diversity in pest management, a field traditionally dominated by men. Her success serves as a beacon for other women in the industry, proving that with the right mix of innovation, leadership, and compassion, remarkable transformations are possible.

Celebrating a Pillar of Excellence

Kuyan Rider’s story is a celebration of breaking barriers, fostering innovation, and leading with heart. Her recognition as the 2021 AWPMA Excellence Award winner is not just a personal accolade but a milestone for the industry, signalling a shift towards more inclusive and dynamic leadership styles that value both performance and people.

Michelle Downs - Lethal Pest Control

Michelle Downs: Leading the Charge in Pest Management as the 2020 AWPMA Excellence Award Winner

In 2020, Michelle Downs, the dynamic owner and operator of Lethal Pest Control in Southport, Queensland, was honoured with the AWPMA Excellence Award, a testament to her formidable presence and pioneering spirit in the pest management industry.

Michelle’s journey from a solo operator to an industry leader showcases her dedication, expertise, and commitment to fostering inclusivity in a traditionally male-dominated field.

A Determined Start and Rapid Expansion

Michelle launched Lethal Pest Control in 2012, initially juggling her entrepreneurial venture with her role as a Vector Control Technician. Her early days were marked by perseverance, working long hours on weekends and after official work hours to nurture and grow her business. Within just a year, the success of Lethal Pest Control enabled her to leave her technician role and focus full-time on her business, catering to a rapidly expanding customer base.

Bridging Knowledge and Practicality

Michelle’s approach to pest management is deeply rooted in her continuous quest for knowledge and improvement. After starting with general pest services, nature conservation, and weed control, she expanded her expertise to include termite treatment options and training under an experienced mentor in the industry. This broadened the scope of her business and enhanced her capability to provide comprehensive pest control solutions.

Inspiring Future Female Leaders

One of Michelle’s most impactful contributions to the industry has been her active role in mentoring and encouraging other women. Recognising the lack of female representation in technical roles within pest management, Michelle began sharing videos of her fieldwork on the Professional Women in Australian Pest Management’s Group Facebook page. Through these posts, she discusses pest identification, harbourages, and effective treatment methods, providing a valuable resource for knowledge sharing and professional development.

Her videos serve as educational tools and challenge the stereotypical roles assigned to women in the industry, proving that women can excel as pest technicians and business owners. Michelle’s hands-on work and visibility as a skilled technician do much to dismantle gender biases and promote greater gender diversity within the sector.

A Role Model in the Industry

Michelle’s dedication extends beyond her business; she is committed to enhancing the pest management profession as a whole. Her efforts to educate and mentor others have enriched the community and spotlighted the vital role that women can and do play in advancing the industry.

As the 2020 AWPMA Excellence Award winner, Michelle Downs is not just a successful business owner but a beacon for aspiring female pest management professionals. Her journey illustrates the impact of tenacity, expertise, and a supportive community in shaping a more inclusive industry. Michelle continues to inspire and lead, proving that with passion and perseverance, barriers can be broken and new paths forged for future generations.

Celebrating Excellence

Michelle Downs exemplifies the spirit of the AWPMA Excellence Award, celebrating outstanding contributions, advocating for gender diversity, and inspiring leadership. Her story is a powerful reminder of the progress that can be achieved when we champion and support women’s roles in every facet of the pest management industry.

Kylee Enwright - CPR Pest Management Services

Remembering Kylee Enwright: A Trailblazer in Pest Management as the 2019 AWPMA Excellence Award Winner

The Australian Women in Pest Management Association (AWPMA) fondly remembers Kylee Enwright, our inaugural 2019 Excellence Award winner, whose enduring legacy continues to inspire us.

Tragically, Kylee passed away in 2023 following an accident, but her spirit and contributions to the pest management industry remain a beacon of inspiration and dedication.

A Career Defined by Innovation and Leadership

Kylee Enwright was the Director of CPR Pest Management Services, a role in which she exemplified the epitome of leadership and innovative thinking. With a robust background in sales and marketing, Kylee was instrumental in crafting and implementing effective marketing strategies for her company. Her responsibilities extended beyond strategy; she was pivotal in tracking performance, evaluating results, and managing the business’s online presence, ensuring CPR Pest Management Services stood out in the competitive landscape.

Accomplishments and Recognitions

Kylee’s professional journey was marked by significant achievements and recognitions. In 2018, she was a finalist for the Pest Manager of the Year – Micro Business, an accolade highlighting her exceptional skill and commitment to the industry. Her academic credentials included a Certificate III in Pest Management and a Certificate of Competency in Exterra Termite Interception and Baiting Systems.

Kylee’s technical expertise was comprehensive. She was an authorised installer of the Jinhong Termite Protection Barrier and had completed specialised training programs like the T3i Training Programme. Furthermore, her certification as a Termatrac technician underscored her commitment to staying at the forefront of industry technology.

A Hands-on Leader

Despite her executive role, Kylee was deeply involved in the day-to-day operations, especially during peak periods. She delivered a full range of pest control services, from quoting for termite baiting systems to servicing commercial premises. Her hands-on approach ensured quality control and kept her connected to the community and customers she served.

Legacy of Mentorship and Support

Kylee’s impact extended beyond her business achievements; she was a mentor and a role model to many within the industry. Her approach to leadership and mentorship fostered a more inclusive and supportive environment, encouraging others, especially women, to excel in pest management.

Honouring Kylee’s Memory

As we reflect on Kylee Enwright’s contributions to pest management, her loss is deeply felt within the AWPMA community. However, her achievements continue to inspire and pave the way for future generations of women in the industry. Kylee’s life and career embody the spirit of the AWPMA Excellence Award—recognising outstanding contributions, promoting gender diversity, and inspiring leadership.

Kylee Enwright’s story is not just a tale of personal success but a testament to the power of dedication, innovation, and leadership. As we remember her, we commit to advancing her ideals, ensuring her legacy endures through the continued support and recognition of trailblazing women in pest management.

Administrator of the Year Award

About the AWPMA Administrator of the Year Award

The Female Administrator of the Year Award was established to recognise and celebrate the achievements of women who provided exemplary support in administrative roles within the pest management industry. Running from 2021 to 2023, during our time as a company limited by guarantee, this award was sponsored by PCT and FMC over the years.

This award aimed to honour outstanding office managers or administration assistants, acknowledging that the office is the backbone of any business. We wanted to recognise and celebrate the exceptional members of your office crew.

To nominate someone, it was essential to provide specific examples demonstrating how the nominee excelled in their work and contributed to the broader pest management industry.

With our merger with AEPMA, this award will not be given again, but its legacy remains as a testament to the invaluable contributions of female administrators in our industry.

Previous Administrator of the Year Award Recipients

2023 Administrator of the Year Award Winner

Sally Mifsud - EPC-Enviro Pest Control

Sally Mifsud: 2023 AWPMA Administrator of the Year Award Winner

Sally Mifsud, the winner of the 2023 Administrator of the Year Award from the Australian Women in Pest Management Association (AWPMA), shares her journey into the pest control industry.

Initially coming from a hairdressing background, Sally had no prior knowledge of pest control until her husband, who was already in the industry, started his own company, EPC.

With the business growing rapidly and Sally expecting a child, she began assisting part-time with office administration. Her role expanded over time, and she eventually became licensed to better understand the industry and the services they provided.

Eliza Urey - Drop Dead Pest Control

Thank you to PCT International for Sponsoring this Award!

Ash Fadian - Competitive Pest Services

Trainee of the Year Award

About the AWPMA Trainee of the Year Award

The Female Trainee of the Year Award was designed to recognise and celebrate the achievements of female trainees who demonstrated exceptional engagement and dedication in the pest management industry. Running from 2021 to 2023, during our time as a company limited by guarantee, this award was sponsored by Envu and FMC over the years.

This award aimed to honor trainees who are the future of our industry. We sought to recognise a female trainee who went above and beyond, striving for and achieving success, best practices, and innovation in training.

To nominate someone, it was essential to provide specific examples demonstrating how the nominee excelled in their work and contributed to the broader pest management industry.

With our merger with AEPMA, this award will not be given again, but its legacy remains as a testament to the invaluable contributions of female trainees in our industry.

Previous Trainee of the Year Award Recipients

2023 Trainee of the Year Award Winner

Tahlia Bawden - EPC-Enviro Pest Control

Tahlia Bawden: 2023 AWPMA Trainee of the Year Award Winner

Tahlia Bawden, the recipient of the 2023 Trainee of the Year Award from the Australian Women in Pest Management Association (AWPMA), shares her journey into the pest control industry.

Tahlia started her career during the COVID-19 pandemic after her previous job ended. She found an office position with EPC, but soon expressed her desire for more hands-on work. This led her to apply for a pest control trainee license, and she began working on the road.

Over time, she has taken on a variety of roles, including office work, remote work, and sales, all facilitated by her training and licensing in pest control.

Abigail Thomas - Pianto's Pest Control

Thank you to Bayer for sponsoring this Award! 

Sheri Ambler - Laguna Pest Control

Honorary Life Member Award

About the AWPMA Honorary Life Member Award

The Honorary Life Member award was a special recognition presented by the AWPMA Board in 2021, during our time as a company limited by guarantee. This award was created to honor an individual’s outstanding service to the pest control industry or other exceptional qualifications acknowledged by the Board.

The AWPMA aimed to publicly recognize and celebrate the remarkable dedication, loyalty, service, and contributions of a female individual to the Australian Pest Management Industry. This recognition could be for extended service or a significant milestone or achievement.

We acknowledge that many individuals devote countless hours, demonstrate unwavering loyalty, and provide dedicated service to the pest control industry without ever holding an official committee or other position within the industry. The AWPMA Board only presented this award when a deserving recipient was nominated.

With our merger with AEMPA, this award will not be given again, marking its unique place in our history.

Previous Honorary Life Member Award Recipients

2021 Honorary Life Member Award Winner

Honouring Rhonda Trotter: The First Honorary Life Member of AWPMA

Rhonda Trotter, the first Honorary Life Member inductee of the Australian Women in Pest Management Association (AWPMA), has been a steadfast supporter of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association (AEPMA) since its inception.

A Pioneer in Pest Management

In 1994, Rhonda became the proud owner of Pink Pest Control. During the mid-90s, she made a groundbreaking move by hiring her first female technician, a significant step towards gender diversity in the industry at a time when it was virtually unheard of.

Championing Women in Pest Management

One of Rhonda’s proudest achievements came in 2007 when she founded the first Women in Pest Management organisation for the industry. Despite receiving considerable support from AEPMA and the pest control industry, operational challenges and a lack of sufficient participation led to the association disbanding. However, Rhonda’s pioneering efforts laid the groundwork for future initiatives, highlighting the importance of women in the field and paving the way for technological advancements that make such endeavors more feasible today.

Shaping the Industry

Rhonda, along with her partner Mal, has played a crucial role in many legislative changes within the pest control industry. Their dedication and advocacy have significantly contributed to shaping the regulations and standards that define the industry today.

Rhonda Trotter’s contributions to pest management and her unwavering support for women in the industry make her a truly deserving recipient of the Honorary Life Member Award. Her legacy continues to inspire and influence the pest management community.